Thursday, February 24, 2005

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My oversexed imagination had to be kidding me, did Donna just make mollys hentai comics backhanded pass at me? No way, I think I'll file anime fi one under surprising compliments. Recalling our earlier conversation about Joanie, was Donna involved in any way? I refuse to picture Donna as any kind of victim, but a willing participant? I can't believe that one.

What did we know about Donna, a former professional model, at least locally. You can still spot many of her commercials. She took her beauty and brains and opened her own PR firm. Her kids are great, among the best behaved in the area, and she loves them, it's obvious. If she did set Frank up for the fall, I can't blame her. He was a shitty person who would try and drink all your beer, feel-up your wife, and act surprised if anyone objected.

Since she kicked him out, she's spent many a weekend dark cloud 2 hentai by our pool, but always with her boys. She was a pleasant person, when not dealing with errant husbands.

The kids started getting antsy, so I put the oldest one in charge, telling them no pictures of cartoon porn of women in the water until we got back. I took Donna into the kitchen. anime cg artwork wasn't sure what I was up to, as I rummaged through a drawer and found my prize. A handful of sleeping beauty cartoon pornpines balloons, perfect for water grenades.

Donna smiled a wide smile and started filling some up while I went into the downstairs bathroom to hentai dick myself.

When I got back, she had her back to me. When she turned around, I almost lost it.

Donna wiggled her chest, the water balloons she added to her bust looked great. "Now I'm stacked like Brenda!" She was laughing so hard, one fell out and I was graced with a glimpse of the perfect 'A-cup' breast. Even at 30 she could give any model a run for their money. She looked embarrassed, not at the glimpse, but at the water balloon hitting the kitchen floor.

Tossing a towel on it. "We'll get to this later, the natives are restless. But I do suggest using a bowl."

She laughed. "Or Brenda's bathing suit, it would hold more ammo than mine."

We snuck out through the garage and lofted several grenades cumshot cartoon caught the kids off guard. Screaming kids, diving for the pool, and splashing at us made the afternoon great. Once they settled back down I washed the chlorinated water off the bushes from their splashing and went into the kitchen for a drink finding Donna on her hands and knees wiping up the water from her 'accident'. Her ass was aimed right at me. You would think that between Bren, Aim, and Tracy my conscious-less prick wouldn't respond, but damn she comic book xxx a wonderful ass, very firm, and tight! Not nearly the soft handfuls of Brenda, but firmer looking than Aim's. For a sec I stood there, feeling weirdly guilty. Shutting the door, Donna didn't move. She knew I was there the whole time.

"I wish I could final fantasy 11 hentai your face right now, rena hentai

"It's not my face I don't want you to see."

She turned suddenly, and I got the kitchen island between us.

"Aw, not even a peek."

"Like hell."

"Tell you what, you show me yours, and I'll show you mine." She tugged her strap and started laughing. "Oh, Rob you are priceless."

A voice from anime free porn anime cartoon lemon it was Joanie. nude girl cartoon pictures
"Oh shit, the bitch. Watch your ass around her Rob!"

Joanie came in the backdoor. "What no lifeguards?"

"We're just cleaning up from the water balloon fight. Do me a favor, take a turn with the kids while we get this water up."

"Sure thing. My two are in the crowd as well. Can you bring me a drink when you're done."

"Of course, iced tea?"

She nodded free anime adult game download went back outside. I looked at Donna and she held her finger to her lips.

Joanie took several extra seconds to walk across the deck, like she was pausing to overhear something. I got down next free hentai mang Donna to wipe up the floor.

"You care to explain what just happened?"

Donna grinned. "You getting hard-on from staring at my ass. You don't know how that happened? OK, there are these birds and these bees..."

I start cracking up. "No, that I figured out, I wouldn't mind a why?"

"Just messing with you, Rob. It's nice to know I can turn someone on who is worth hentai kenshin on. Lately all I seem to attract are losers."

Even someone like Donna has self-esteem issues, what is this world coming to?

"Now the second, what's up cartoon cartoon cartoon cartoon porn titi you and Joanie?"

"Nothing absolute, other than I think she's a bitch, and I wouldn't trust her as far as I can through her."

"I got that, now why?"

"To long a story for right now. If you really want to hear it, call me later, OK?"

"Well, you've peaked my curiosity-meter. OK, tonight, about 7."


We re-joined the throng of screaming kids and Donna sure left me with lots to think about.

The kids started cartoon sexgay home about 3. Joanie took hers, then Donna left with her brood, things settled. I parked Callie and Mike in front of the TV and started dinner. Aim called to talk to the kids, who were sound asleep. She also told me they would be home tomorrow night. I gave her a run-down on Cyd and also Donna.

"Boy, you miss me so much that you cartoon sex pictures sniffing around the high-class talent." She said laughing.

"You are pretty high-class yourself, but you know Donna, any chance to jerk on someone's chain."

"Maybe, but I don't ever remember seeing Donna play like that. Watch yourself, she might be after you. She still may be connected with Joanie somehow, so don't invite her into our little conspiracy."

"Wasn't planning on it. You two have fun and we'll see you tomorrow night."

Bren came home, she said she got a lot done and had a nice lunch with Tracy. Tracy managed to steal away a whole hour so they grabbed some salads from a supermarket salad bar and sat in the park talking.

"She's special, Rob. I don't think I've ever met anyone quite like her. She shoots from the hip, not out of any design, it's like she was programmed that way, genetically. Smart as hell, I see her owning her own chain or pharmacies someday. And she is so uninhibited it's uncanny."

"So I guess you like her?"

"She's hentai wallpapers great! Amy has incredible people instincts."

"Then why didn't we see Joanie coming from que es el anime teen titans hentai picture gallery away?"

"That one I have been thinking about and the more I ponder it, the stranger it gets. The best I can figure is that she didn't originally play any games around home, but something changed and she started. By that time we knew her and John and as long as nothing slaps us in the cartoon sex pictures face, like her blackmailing Dave, we didn't notice anything. Remember how long it took us to recognize how out of control Sylvia had gotten."

"You might be right. The 'security' lights didn't go up until 3 years ago. I wonder how long their websites have been operating?"

"Drop Cyd an e-mail, maybe she would know. Oh wait, if she's going to be here tomorrow, she must be in the air now. To bad she can't stay with us?"

"Not this trip, and movies download free cartoon and Dave will be home tomorrow night. Cyd doesn't need to get that involved. Besides, if we get busted, it might hurt her if we aren't careful."

"Protecting Cyd, protecting Tracy. You are a real white knight, did you know that." She offered me a kiss and then went to check on the kids.

After dinner I called Donna.

"Hi Rob, curiosity got the better of you, huh?"

"Donna, when you drop a bomb like that, you know there will always be interest."

"More interested in the Joanie dirt than my buns. I get you now."

"Donna dear?"


"You are on speaker and Brenda is not laughing."

"Oh shit, you bastard. Hi Brenda, I was just giving him a hard time about the buns crack."

Brenda might not have been laughing, but she was smiling. "Sure Donna, that's what they call it, giving a 'hard' time?"

"Jeez, you two are impossible. OK on the subject of Joanie. I think she's a bitch who was fucking around with Frank, and from Frank I learned about 6 other people in the Platte. The asshole wouldn't tell me who, but he said she was into control games and Sylvia was cartoon sex free gallery porno personal slut. I didn't believe him at first pre hentai I got a nice pair of binoculars and watched some of the action in the wooded area behind her house. You wouldn't believe who was involved. I told Frank he was full of shit and to be honest, set him up. The next time I saw him over there, I invited a friend over and we busted him machine cartoon Sylvia. Joanie wasn't there, but I think she had a camera because she commented to me using some of my own words. The bitch tried to convince me that she could wreck Frank and my life from some of Frank's bad boy action. I called her bluff and dumped the bastard before she could hurt me. I think she has a collection of tapes of Frank at his worst and she wanted something from me. I can treat her like she's human, but adult hentai galleries wouldn't fucking adult hentai cartoon the bitch if you paid me to do so. There is that enough for you to think about?

Bren and I looked at each other. "Something is certainly stinks to high heaven, but why tell us?"

"Rob, you and Brenda are the best! And I would hate for her to find a way to hurt you. She's been spreading the rumors about you and Amy. The rumor mill had died down and started back up. 'Somebody' is spreading it that she likes to get naked naked disney sex toons your pool, flashing her chest at passing boys."

"Hell is that all. What about the rumor of Amy and Brenda, and Brenda and Dave, and let's not forget the one of Dave and I."

"Listen, I know it's all pure BS, but she's playing some kind of game and she's been asking around about you two. Just watch yourselves. I know we aren't real close, but I trust you two more than anyone else around here. If I can help or do anything let me know."
cartoon xxx movie download anything happens, we'll keep you in the loop. But I doubt she's boobs big black tits anything to worry about."
toon lasbinas cartoon xxx And tell Amy and Dave to watch their backs as well. She's been real interested in them as well."

"Thanks Donna, we will."

Getting off the phone. "Well that was certainly interesting. The question is can we use her, or even should we?"

"Bren, honey, I think we have enough conspirators right now, with Aim, Dave, Tracy, You and I, soon to include Cyd. I think we can cartoon sex pictures Donna on the sidelines, unless we end up in court getting sued for breach of privacy."

"OK, she's in the perverted hentai girls team whether she knows it or not. I hope to hell we don't need her."

Monday dawned with a truck appearing at 730, an obscene hour. The kids were on their way to school, and Bren just leaving for work. Cyd got out, looking disappointed that I wasn't surprised. She hugged the stuffing right out of hentai bikini babe Bren and I and then we lucked out because hentai doa extreme beach volly ball was heading out with nosey Joanie seeing him off. I've never seen her do that before! Cyd waved "Hi" to Joanie, who came anime manga playmates to say hello.

"Cydne, isn't it?", said cartoon sex pictures Joanie.

"Yes, how are you? Let's see, last year at Robbie's Labor Day disaster, right?"

Joanie snickered, as I replied indignantly, "It wasn't a disaster. Just because Mother Nature and I had a disagreement."

Cyd looked at me with a vela hentai in her eye, cartoon simsom I remember right, you lost that disagreement."

"To this day I refer to hailstones as 'Mother Nature's final argument", Joanie added quite unnecessarily. "What brings you over this early?" She asked Cyd.

"This bum wants a network upgrade. I think my equipment cartoon kim possible having sex give him twice the throughput without a line upgrade."

"That's impressive." Turning to me, "What are you hentai babes to do, run the whole web?"

"Naw, just do some consulting and I wanted the ability lesbian comic pdf set up some servers and get a good response time out of the house."

"Twice the response?" piss art cartoon
"At least, may 3 times, and free flashback movies hentai full for . . ..", Cyd replied and quoted an absurdly low price. Actually since she was slinging pure BS, maybe the price was absurdly high.

"Cydne, when you are done with Rob, please come over and see me. We might be interested in something similar."

"You bet! I'm only surveying his set-up today. I'll come by in about two hours. I just have to look at his hardware and software configurations and plan my install. Rob also promised me breakfast as part of my fee."

"Well if he has breakfast covered, I'll feed you lunch if I can get the same price."

"Food and a possible new client! Count on me, I'll see you in about 2 hours. Care to join us for breakfast?", Cyd asked so sweetly. cartoon sex side Joanie declined, citing having a few things to do.

Cyd came in and she filled me in on her plan while we ate. "She's greedy and this way, she'll let me in to see her hardware and then let me in at the software config without you having to break in."

"Smart! But I only see one flaw."

"Only one, I see several. Which one do you think will bite us in the ass."

"I don't like the idea of you alone anime eechi her."

"Listen butthead, I am a big girl. I can handle her. Beside I want her to."

"You what? I practically jumped out of my chair."

Cyd smiled, "I want her guard down, I want her greedy anime porno hentai porno my supposed technical skills, and I want her to brag and boast and show me her stuff."

"She's dangerous."

"She is also greedy and that makes her vulnerable. Relax, you can't protect the universe, you know?"

"Maybe not, but I can try and protect . . ."

". . .the one's you love." I started to protest, but she was so sincere. "Not like you love Brenda, but in your own way, you love me and I love you. Why do you think I am here. Just like the fact you didn't show a glimmer of surprise when I got here. You knew I was coming, just like if I had a problem, you would have come to me. Besides, who else offers me a Guinness cartoonsex thumbpost breakfast!", she said raising her glass.

Cyd was Irish to the core. Her Irish grandparents brought her up after her parents were killed in an accident. To them, Temperance meant no beer for breakfast.

"I still worry."

"So have you lunch on your deck and I'll talk her into feeding me out there so you can see I am safe."

"That way you can also bum another Guinness, because I know Joanie's opinion of quality beer and wine."

"She made fun of your wine, didn't she?"


"I knew there was something about her I liked."

"Ah, but she called Guinness 'roofing tar'"

"Why that bitch!"

We ended up toons of girls and went into the office to kill time.

Joanie's house
The door opened almost before Cyd pulled her finger away from the bell.

"Hi Cydne, come on in. I was afraid you might have forgotten about me."

"A paying customer, lunch, and a good friend of shocking hentai xxx picture no way."

Joanie led her in and took her straight downstairs. The basement was completely finished, but only one door was opened. As they walked in, Cyd gasped.

"This is a technophile's wet-dream."

Joanie was proudly standing there while Cyd admired the manga cartoons xxx of rack-mounted servers, on-line storage, digitizers, and other devices. A huge flat panel display on one wall identified the main console.

"Wow I am impressed. I never had a clue. Rob never told me."

"A 'friend' set it up for us. John administers it for the most part."

"This is great. hacked sexy anime feel like a kid in a candy store."

Joanie laughed at her enthusiasm.

"To be honest Rob doesn't know. And I would appreciate if you don't tell him." iidx hentai
"Hey, its none of Rob's business. I'm just surprised, that's all. What do you do with cartoon sex pictures all this?"

Joanie paused as if thinking. "Can you keep a secret?" At Cyd's nod. hentai password anime sat on a large, and comfortable bench, sitting straight because there was no back. Cyd noticed that the bench was recently placed, because the carpet had the impression of several marks indicating an office chair. The flat screen changed from a geometric screensaver to a crystal clear picture of a cock.

"Oh, wow!", Cyd said appreciatively.

The picture started moving--it was a video clip. The huge cock started moving in and out of a pussy. Cyd looked at the screen.

"You better turn that off. My love life has been pretty lame lately. I might not get anything done."

Joanie concealed her glee as she watched Cyd's eyes never leave the screen.

Cyd licked her lips and finally looked at Joanie. Joanie hit another key and the audio portion came on. You could hear the cock gliding in and out and the cried of the girl getting her cunt stretched.

Cyd squirmed while standing there, her eyes again on the screen. Finally enough self-control got its act together and Cyd looked at Joanie again. Joanie started laughing, making light of the whole thing. She cartoon sex fetish it, but left it running. She did turn the nude free cartoon misty down.

"Alright now you comic boobs what we do. Are you OK with it?"

"I guess this is a pay-porn site?" Joanie nodded. "It doesn't bother me. I don't sim dates rpg hentai what clients do with their computers, as long as you aren't breaking the law. Just so you know if I see anything illegal, like kiddie-porn guilty gear hentai your system, I am required to report it to the police in this area."

"You won't find anything like that here." In an almost bored voice, Joanie tells her, "We have straight sex, hard and softcore, lesbian and gay sex, lots of pictures videos, chat rooms, message posting, and personals. It's actually all pretty dull, but it's a hobby. We aren't very big, but we have tons of stuff."

"So I guess anything to improve your throughput would be a blessing?"

"Yes. We aren't having problems, but we have noticed some bottlenecks at certain times of the day. We are thinking about putting hogtied bondage cartoon a T1 line, but we don't make enough money off of it to handle that expense."

"I can understand that. OK, if you give me a few minutes to make some notes on your hardware, then I'll need access to the configuration files to see the internal set-up. That takes blondie xxx cartoons longest, about an hour."
anime sex stories girls cartoon figthers with nice nothing pressing, adult anthro comics please go ahead."

"Cyd kept up a running commentary, building her story about the potential upgrade. How it uses compression algorithms. Joanie looked bored, but followed every move Cyd made as she looked at all the hardware.

"I am really impressed with your set-up. You have got top-of-the-line stuff. If whoever did this for you is ever looking for a job, have him call me."

"I'll pass the word. So now I guess you need access."

"Yes, not full administrator access, just a manager's account so I can poke around."

"It's all logged in already, with my manager's password. ticklish cartoon should be able to see everything you need."

"Thanks. I'll make this as quick tentacle hentai pics I can."

"Oh, take your time. I'll tell you what. I have to go upstairs and take care of something. then I'll make us lunch. I am not the cook Rob is but I think I can take good care of you."

Joanie headed out the door and closed it behind her. Cyd watched the door for a second and then started her nosing around the system, taking boxing babes in cartoons notes.

Joanie went upstairs and logged into another computer in her bedroom. She set this up earlier and was soon looking art nude cartoon Cyd working. She sang quietly, "Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me." She slid her hand into her shorts and xxx hentai manga masturbated while watching Cyd, as if she was waiting for something.

About 30 minutes, Cyd appeared to be done. She looked over at the door several times and then clicked the mouse again. the video clip came back to full screen and she sat there watching it. After a few minutes, she started squirming in the chair. She glanced at the door again and then spread her legs and pressed her palm on her pussy outside the shorts.

Joanie upstairs almost shrieked with joy. "Yes! I knew it. They never can resist." She clicked a few times with anime puppy porn left hand, the anime sex gallery anime one never leaving her cunt.

The movie changed suddenly, to a wider shot of a group. Instead of a close-up of a cock going in and out of a pussy, this showed a guy and two girls engaged in a xxx or nude or naked or sex or hentai or anime threesome. The girls were in comic de resident evil porno 69 while the guy fucked the girl on top's cunt doggie style. Cyd paused as if she wasn't sure what happened. Another glance at the door and she kept going.